Thursday, September 08, 2005

J-Pop hits the DS

So i got the game Daigasso! Band Brothers this Tuesday and have been playing the heck out of it. The game is another rhythm game much like DDR but for your fingertips. After you master the game there are many hidden additions like a music making shoppe where you can take actual music and make it another rhythm song. It also allows up to 8 other players to play on one cartridge. Each person plays one instrument and together you make beautiful rockin' music.

Anyways, I know only a few songs off of the main playlist and thought it might be nice to download the actual songs and put them on a CD to listen to so I can get more familiar with them. So I found that someone beat me to it... but they have the actual songs to download for free!

So here's the website. Enjoy. These songs are pretty fun to listen to. J-pop is so eclectic, it's always new. My favorites are 'Mr. Children', 'Glay', and 'Spitz'. Mr. Children and Glay are a bit more modern and Spitz is more indy-rock-ish.