Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Baby Bird

Last night I was coming out of work and saw a baby bird. I thought to myself, "Oh! A baby bird on the road... I hope it'll be ok." and drove off. About 10 seconds later I stopped the car and spun around thinking to myself, "I'm such a sucker."

So I get there and the poor bird isn't trying to avoid the cars (and the tires were missing it by centimeters!) but I scooped him up and took him inside to get a box to carry him home in. I picked up Jen from work (we're carpooling in this day of gas prices) and we went to Petsmart for a birdcage.

She has wanted a bird for a very long time but I think they need to be in the wild... so I don't want one... but I was willing to take care of this little guy.

We got home and he slept all night long. When he was awake his left eye remained closed. This morning he woke up and chirped when we opened the curtains to the living room. He has a bit of drainige from his nostrils, but nothing too bad.

So I get to work and call the WILD FOREVER FOUNDATION and they let me know of a vet who takes care of wild animals for free. I asked if the baby could not be released if we could take care of it.

"You got attatched, didn't you?" she asked. I could tell she was smiling. "Well, Colorado state law unfortunately says that if an animal cannot be released back into the wild it must be euthanised... but this vet i'm sending you to has a large plot of land and she will do almost anything to avoid that. It just sounds like a head injury. Sometimes magpies and Falcons steal birds and drop them. Your bird probably has a head injury. It sounds like it will do ok as long as it gets the right medicine and treatment."

So my boss is graciously letting me go early from work to take the bird to the vet (HIGH COUNTRY VET on Drennan). I hope it gets better. Jen's going to be a bit saddened, but perhaps we can get her a new feathery friend sometime soon.

Looks like the bird-vets at the High Country Vet are on vacation so I was referred to take the little guy to Dr. Leroy E. Eggleston who is just off of 18th and Uintah (west). Hopin' for the best.