Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wow. I suck!

First, an apology: I am sorry I was in SUCH a bad mood yesterday. I really honest and for true had a very good reason for it....

Next, an explanation:
1) On Tuesday my wife's car went kaput in Pueblo to the tune of $800 +$50 a day for a rental (which she returns today).
2) Yesterday morning on my way to work I smelled coolant and drove to work (20 min) breathing in the stuff. My car was towed and fixed to the tune of $400. It doesn't help that I just went to the doctor last Thursday for an upper-resperatory infection (the anti-boitics are not working). I still smell coolant in my nose and breath and clothes even today. It permeated my body and lungs.
3) These two expenses plus the refrigerator being replaced last month dips deep into savings for our trip to Japan which we might not be able to take now.
4) The people who own (the site that had my site) had a fire and lost everything. I have backups (old ones), but they don't know when they will be back in service.

I really am sorry I got into such a funk. Thanks for being there for me.
Now for the daily 'home-made' site: here's a guy who took a Pop'n Music controller from RANSAI and modded it to use lights.