Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Watching people playing with virtual dogs

Yesterday I posted sites about how I enjoy seeing people having fun with games. It's something I do... call me weird, it's me.

So today, in honor of my payday (and me affording to get the damn thing) here's a link to a little girl in Japan experiencing her first Nintendo DS and Nintendogs. In the first clip she and her mom names him 'Luke' (or 'Ruku' as she pronounces it). In the second she shows her grandfather and he teaches it a trick. The third has her playing with a frizbee... and needing more practice. Needless to say I really enjoyed watching the second clip.

I have also heard that DS has dropped in price to $129. This makes it very affordable and I am excited to meet other people with one.

The DS has wi-fi capabilities which makes it able to communicate with others... but if you leave the Nintendogs in 'sleep-mode' and just wander around, if someone else has a DS in 'sleep-mode' and you pass the DS will bark and your pupies will exchange gifts and/or unlock dogs you may not have yet. It's POKEMON all over!!!

And no worries Jen... I won't ignore our own REAL puppies because of this. Virtual dogs don't keep your toes warm in the middle of the night (grin). Then again... virtual dogs don't slobber all over you or shed either...