Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Great weekend...

Many many things to cover today, my friends.

My weekend was great. I got to play poker with some friends ($5.00 got you $2,000 worth of chips) on Saturday and got to sing a bit of karaoke.

Jen and I saw 'SKY HIGH' on Saturday afternoon and really enjoyed it. She also told me that the kids were contracted for a possible TV series as well. AND the trailer had a teaser for the new Harry Potter movie due out in November. GAH! I WANNA SEE IT!!!

I also rented a really great Chinese movie called 'Six Strong Guys'. It's a bit of a chick-flick, but... well, for guys. I really enjoyed it. It starts off with 4 friends who decide to throw themselves off of a building because of their 'terrible' lives, and they end up embracing life instead. Very good movie. I'm looking to buy it.

And Jojopedia.com strted up with rave reviews. On Monday I got over 500 hits.

I am anticipating a new Japanese Nintendo DS game that features Jotaro (Jojo #3) and Dio as characters. It's called "Jump Superstars". I pre-ordered it last month (as soon as I heard about it) and it is almost time for it to ship (ships on August 8th). Cannot wait.


Now, for a bit of a rant. My mom emails me today and asks me if I could help her instal some webcams so she can watch her cat 'Petey'. Now, Pete has been real ill for quite some time, and this weekend she had a pretty bad scare.

It is my opinion that it is one of her other cats (Itzy) who is causing all this stress on poor Pete. Itzy is a mean cat that was once friendly. When my grandfather died Itzy (his cat) got nasty. My mom keeps him because he was Papa's cat.

So, I told her my thoughts on the subject:
Well, for the bad news: it is very expensive. You need a working computer, a web cam, broadband service (~$50 a month) and you need to make sure he's going to be in one spot (room) the entire time. To webcam the whole house would require more cameras and is a bad idea unless you plan on making money off of this yourself (an' I don't want people paying money to see my mom... GOT IT?!?! (little joke) ).

I know how much you love him, but mean Maggie and mean Itzy have screwed with him enough that he's really messed up mentally and he is drained. Him being so sick doesn't help. I can give you suggestions on what you need to do:

Step one: Itzy needs to go. Period. Find him a good family through PetsMart and he'll be ok, but since dad died Itzy has been a terror. He's a good 1 pet animal but he has screwed with Maggie and Pete enough. For 'Pete's sake' please find Itzy a new home. I was sent to Mamie & Papa's when I had problems because you couldn't deal with my problems and yours... and i'm better. You need to do the same for this, and it's the same thing. Saving him because he was dad's is NOT a good excuse for keeping a mean creature. I'm not kidding and i'm not sorry. He's not sweet, he's mean. He was nice to dad and he was nice to you AT FIRST... he then saw what a 'mark' you are and took control of the place.

Step two: Kennel Pete when you're out. He likes being out, but being bullied by Itzy is NOT helping him get healthy. Pete needs to be secure where he can't get hurt by a fight. If you're too concerned about him then you need to kennel him while you're out. If you don't like that idea then you should just keep on going as you have been.

Step three: Just keep what you're doing, but if he looks like he's in pain... you need to stop that pain. Euthenasia is legal for pets (not humans) who are in pain. Talk to your vet, but keeping him alive, just because you love him, is a mean thing to do.

I love you, but you may need to let go of some things. And being the 'cat lady' doesn't help your pocket-book or your love life, hun. (little jokey-poo). A webcam is not the best idea right now. You need to look out for you. And right now this isn't helping matters.

Love you MUCH more than you love me... call me if you need to talk tonight.

For me, I love my pups and think of them as family... but they are not humans and if one of them is hurting the other and I can't stop the behavior... they're out! Period! End of story!

"But would you do that to your own kids?" Some people may ask...

YES! Yes I would. If I could not handle them and, try as I may, I could not get them to behave... yes. They're gone! Send them to someone who can help them... because I can't.

Harsh? Perhaps.
Realistic? You bet. I know my limitations. If they are met and nothing is getting done... then off they go. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bye bye.

I am absolutely TERRIFIED of having children. Terrified. I roll the thought of having a vasectomy 'tomorrow' constantly... every day. "Oh, it's different when you have your own". No. No it's not. I would be a terrible father. Absolutely terrible. Why have children? No, really... why? To pass on a name? To make life just to make life? To please family? These are terrible reasons to have children. Why can't two people enjoy each other without having kids?

JEEZUS did I digress just now or what?! I'm so sorry.

Reactions? Am I a jerk? Feel the same as me? Anyone?