Tuesday, August 30, 2005

People watching

Sometimes I just like to people watch. Just to enjoy reactions to certain things. One of my favorite British shows on this subject is called "Trigger Happy TV". It's very similar to Candid Camera except that nobody (well... very few people) gets embarassed from being 'punked'. Trigger Happy TV just creates situations and observes people's reactions to the events. Like how people react to watching a guy in a snail costume SLOOOOWLY crossing the street... or watching two guys in big mascot dog costumes beating up a guy in a big mascot cat costume

Well, today I found an interesting site that recorded people's reactions to their first exposure to the new Nintendo DS handheld system (be sure to let them load). I got more excited just watching their reactions than anything else. I really liked #47, an Australlian doctor playing the Nintendogs game. #09 was fun because he's a business man, and #15 was just too cute because she was so introverted... you could tell this was interesting to her. And in #19 the grandfather eventually played it more than the little girl!

Which ones were your favorites?

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