Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I know it has been months and months since the last CHEET night but I am finally ready to host another night of games food and friendship.

The magic date is: Saturday September 24th at 6:30pm-midnight. The theme will be, appropriately, 'New Beginnings'. This theme denotes something that was fun once upon a time, went away/disappeared for a while and then you found it and enjoyed it all over either in a new release or the old way it was. The 'Retro-High-Score' game of that night will therefore be Super Mario Brothers 3 (the game that made Mario popular again and stays fun even 16 years after it originally came out). The high score winner in this game will, as always, win a game trinket from 'the vault' (or whatever I happen to pick-up at Hot Topic that day).

Bring your controllers and any games you wish to share. We will start off with a rousing Party Game to get everyone playing together and then we can play other things as the members wish. Pizza will be ordered at 7:30. Bring your dollars and beverages of your choice. Adult beverages are always welcome.

I am planning a December CHEET meeting that will be for kids as well as adults. A White Elephant gift exchange will be the event of the evening and 'kids' games will be the theme... i.e. no blood and gore or naughty violence allowed. I will post many more reminders as both dates draw nearer... and, as is typical, the dates may change up to two weeks before.

Also, good news: The museum has officially reached 25 different game systems/handhelds and 402 different games! We'll have plenty for you to do that night... trust me.

Hope to see you all there this September and, in the immortal words of Tom Beaudette: "We'll keep the NES on for you."