Saturday, September 22, 2007

Music Month

Went to the They Might Be Giants concert in Boulder on Thursday. That was GREAT fun. The venue was really nice. Boulder sucks, but the Boulder Theatre is really nice.

A great band from Dublin Ireland opened for them and I got their album signed after the concert. They're called Oppenhimer and you really ought to check them out. It's amazing that two guys can make such music... I mean their album is good, but they were fantastic live.

Next weekend is the Smashing Pumpkins concert in Red Rocks. The brilliant part of that is that Billy Corgan is letting people record the concert!!!

OH! I also forgot that I took a picture of myself right after getting my teeth pulled. It wasn't until I started uploading other pictures for my ZELDA blog (see the sidebar to the right) that I saw them. Seems I took one of my open mouth too... but I'll spare you that image.

That memory loss really did a number on me.