Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Remember that Freak Train thing I was gonna do in April?

Ok. The Freak Train is a show where people get up on stage (after paying $5) and get 5 minutes to do whatever they like. Acting, poetry, stand-up comedy, plays... anything. Depending on who shows up, they have a thing called the "13th freak" where an audience member will be asked to come up and perform... so don't be surprised.
Last night I was FINALLY able to go up and got a spot easily. And I did pretty well.

The whole show was full of different kinds of acts. I was the only stand-up comedian there. There was a transvestite belly dancer, a band, a vampire pianist, a Beasty-boys-esque rap group performing the Canterbury Tales, and even two magic acts.

Derek should have the videos of us up later this week and I'll post here with a link to them. I'll be going up next month for SURE. I won't be doing comedy, but I'm sure whatever I do will be fun.