Friday, May 11, 2007

So I know what you all are saying to yourselves...

Justin, where have you been?
Been here. Playing Zelda. Playing Perplex City. Reading the second Dresden Files book 'FOOL MOON' by Jim Butcher. You?

Why haven't you been posting?
Well, I have been busy at work and just haven't had much to say.

How are you doing on the Zelda games?
I'll write more about that tomorrow (Saturday), but I think I have failed on Majora's Mask... I just can't beat this one mini-boss. I know I'm near the end... but I just can't beat him.

Where's our Little Poet picture for this Friday?
Well, Jen and I haven't been thinking about her as of late. I'd like to do some more, but I need poems from her... and I can't ask for poems from her... I guess they have to be "inspired" (laughs). I'll try to get one for next week.

Who the hell is the guy in the picture below and to the side of your side-bar?
That is Satoshi. He's somewhere in the world. Remember that card game that I'm going on and on and on about? Well, this is one of the cards from last season's game... but he still hasn't been found/solved, so the offer is still up. Whoever finds him will get $1,000. It's a six-degrees-of-separation thing. A billion to one chance of finding him. So, how good are YOUR contacts? Can you find him? The picture-link on the sidebar has more info.