Monday, May 21, 2007

Majora's Mask: FAIL

Ok. I can't finish it. I can't. I have tried to kill this boss made of bats (his name doesn't even respect mentioning). I know I have to shoot the green orb and then hit him with my sword, but he turns on the scythe of pain and hits me into death every time. So, I'm done. 6 (yes six) hours spent trying to kill him is enough for me.

GAWD I hate failing this game. I was really enjoying it until this damn mini-boss in the stone temple. So, I really hope that I can get some sort of hint and re-visit it so that I don't feel like I lost this game. This is really my favorite game even above Ocarina of Time.

So, I start on the next game in the series: Oracle of Seasons. I have had a much better average with the handhelds... so here we go.