Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where I am with "The Project"

Ok. We have a name for the video-podcast-show-thingy Max and I are working on.

The Ludus Challenge.

We're going through the last parts of figuring out how everything works, how to do the filming (what works... what doesn't), and how to edit them into a ~15 minute show.

We are both hoping that our first show will be posted between the end of February and the second week of March. Then, we would like to do one every two weeks.

Now, Max is leaving for two months to spend a WONDERFUL time in Europe where he may attend a school for art (but THAT won't happen for a while) so there may be some time that we won't do any episodes (since the camera is his). BUT we will hopefully get 3 (maybe 4) shows SHOT before he takes off... so that's promising.

Tonight we will go over some of the editing stuff and how we can make this work with the programs we have not only for him, but at my house as well (for when he's gone). We will attempt to make the test we have recorded work and get ready for a real shoot very very soon.

Our first game? Castlevania for the NES. It is a game I have never played before (yeah... I know I know... stop looking at me like that), and I think it's a groovy start for our show.

I'm also hoping to have an 'Import Corner' section that is a 3-4 minute 'report' of sorts and a 'About the Town' section where people suggest little video game dives (not like Mr. Biggs, but like a penny arcade place along the lines of a mom-&-pop place that has games).

HEY! Email me with some suggestions of places I can go. They can be out of town up to Boulder, Fort Collins, or Pueblo if need be. Suggest small video game stores, out-of-the-way arcades... your basic 'hidden treasures'. Be sure to send me detailed directions as well. It'll be fun.