Tuesday, February 20, 2007

BS Zelda (Bonus Game): "Week 1"

Week 1? Yup, I speaks da truth. This game comes in four one-hour installments.

See, BS The Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets was a game only released in Japan and only via the Super Nintendo console peripheral called the Satellaview. 'BS', in fact, stands for Broadcast Satellaview. You downloaded games for the SNES (well, the Super Famicom in Japan) and played them. THIS particular game came in four installments and was played in REAL TIME! They even got actors to voice the movie-like scenes.

So anyways, people eventually got a hold on the ROM of the game and have been working night and day (quite literally from what I have read) to make this game playable. It is now about 90-95% done and people can play it now (for the most part) and really enjoy it. You only have one hour... so you have to be quick! More information can be found at the BS Zelda Homepage. It's actually REALLY interesting.

Last night I got a hand held gaming controller from Target for $10 and plugged it into my Mac and booted up the first week. Long story short (nobody likes a play-by-play) I got everything except the last piece of heart.

The game is interesting in that to help you speed up your game play, they only allow you access to one part of the world map. You can't even see the rest of the map as is clouded over. Also, to help speed up play, the game will occasionally send you faeries or cause enemies to blow up as if you used special powers.

Simultaneously, the over world changes. At certain times there is rain. So what? Well, in rain... BOMBS DON'T WORK! Their fuses are doused. And certain areas are not accessible until certain times as well. One guy wouldn't even speak to my character (you don't play as Link in this game) until the last 10 minutes of the game!

I am SO excited to be playing this game as a side-quest of sorts... and would highly suggest it for anyone who might like something short and fun to play. ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of the SNES game.

BS Zelda Headquarters has all the files and links to the emulator on their site.

I'll be updating my progress at my JewWario blog this week.