Tuesday, October 03, 2006

You're the ghost of my indecision...

Myspace is so weird.

I mean, I did a search for people I might have known 1989-1991 (1989 was my graduating year) and I found someone whom I have been thinking about through the years. She was an old girlfriend of mine when I was a senior at Wasson. I have always thought "I wonder how she is. I hope she's doing well. She was a really really great friend."

I'm glad she's well.

I saw one of my best friends from Wasson there as well. He was very near and dear to me, and I really messed up our friendship (I was really a dick back then). It seems that he's happy. I'm unsure if he would appreciate an email from me. I know that time heals all wounds (supposedly)... I don't know.

Living in a world where one can find old friends and lovers is a bit awkward. Do you contact them? Do you let them enjoy their lives without having to remember you? I messed up a lot back then.