Thursday, October 05, 2006

My two cents

Ok. This whole Senator Foley thingy has gotten waaay out of hand. He has convinced several people that it was alcoholism that caused him to write the letters to the young pages. Most of us know that was not the case. So, since he needs an excuse, let me give him an excuse:

Being horny.

Yup. Plain and simple.

I for one know of the evils of being horny and how it can make you do things you wouldn't have done normally simply because you (in your depraved little mind) assumed that you might be able to "get some". If anything he is a sex addict and would still be better off getting help at a center... but, even then, it's more a 'habit' or 'obsession' than an 'illness' or 'disease'.

Being horny, as with alcoholism, is not a disease. It's not a disease. IT IS NOT A DISEASE! It is an unfortunate state of being caused by alcohol. You do not go to the bathroom and forget to wash your hands and then contract alcoholism. You have a smoking habit... and you have a drinking habit. But it's NOT a disease (sorry for the tangent, but I needed to get it out).

The fact that he is gay has nothing to do with it. They could have been cute 16 year old female pages with little skirts and the white blouses that subtly pull gently across her pert... um... yeah. SEE? And they would have had the same things happen to them. Doesn't matter.

So, if anything, it would just all have gone away if they nipped it in the bud at the first sign of trouble... but they didn't. Now, he's waking up every morning knowing that his life is over. And, well, it is. He's gotta start fresh, and it's not gonna be easy.