Monday, January 07, 2008

Way too busy

I'm really enjoying a new book I got for Hanukkah from Jen. It's the first Harry Turtledove book I have read and it's astoundingly good.

"The Two Georges" takes place in an alternate history where George Washington struck a deal with King George III and North America stayed a colony of Great Britain. Now, in 1996 a group of fellows called "The Sons Of Liberty" are causing problems.

Being a fan of a few episodes of 'Sliders' (very few) alternate history in book form is actually quite exciting. Turtledove does an excellent job of skewing history into a very convincing "What If" and serving it to you in a way that I can actually read. I am looking forward to finishing this book and then hopping straight into the World War series.

I'm not too interested in time-travelling as I am in alternate history... but (on Mike's recommendation) I may even give "The Guns Of The South" a try.

On other news, I just got another hole put into my head.

You know that I got my wisdom teeth taken out in September, but you may not know that I had the right nostril get infected and and that I have been sick ever since.

So today I went in and got "endoscopic surgery" to help my nose drain properly so antibiotics can get to the root of the infection.

Unfortunately, the tube they put in my throat for the anesthesia made my throat very raw and actually bruised my uvula and windpipe. I was told it would be a bit raw... I guess that's what they meant... so I am in lots of fun pain when I swallow and I sound like 'Tom Waits' when I talk.

That along with $1000 worth of car repairs is really putting a hamper on our new year.

I am working on getting a "Mario Monologues" Staged Version up sometime soon, but I need to get my throat in working order. I have another one coming up at the end of this month... so here's hoping I'm in good shape by then.

Also note that the comments area is up again, but I am using the Blogspot comments. I'll find the other one again soon.

Ed makes the following note about the blog article below:
"If your really want to get to the root of the whole Interpol/Editors thing, you can always take a look at the band that they are *both* ripping off - from 1991 - Kitchens of Distinction"

I agree.

Newly Acquired Games:

* Super Swing Golf 2 (Wii)
* Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)
* Super Real Mahjong PIV Custom (PC Engine/Turbografx 16)
* Star Control (Genesis)
* Buzz (PS2)
* Final Fantasy XII (PS2)