Wednesday, September 27, 2006

November 19th 2006

The Wii release date. Here's what you get for your $250:

* The Wii and all it's hook-ups
* Wii Sports (yup, it's packed with a game! YAY!)
* One Wiimote controller
* One Nunchuk
* Free Opera browser (if you get it before June 2007)

Extra Wiimotes will cost $39, nunchuks will cost $20. Extra games will be $50 (first party). Each controller will hold your personal information (including the COOOL 'Mii' character) so you can take it with you.

So will I be getting the Wii on November? I'm gonna sure as hell try.
Will I be getting the 4 controllers? Not at $40 a pop ($60 if you get the nunchuk too).

I'll probably be getting (hopefully) the Wii, an extra controller for Jen, and a second game (Wario Ware if it releases). So i'm gonna be looking at about $340 +tax. Saving up right now!