Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Games

There's a TON of great Japanese gaming stuff coming out between now and the December holiday season. I'll let you all see what I'm most stoked about.

I'll post the import-friendly level which will indicate if it would be easy for a non-Japanese speaking person to understand it. The name links go to my favorite import shopping online store PLAY-ASIA. I have purchased many things from them with confidence.

Pokemon Pearl/Diamond
Import-Friendly Level: Medium

This groovy first-time-on-the-DS game is being released in Japan first, but that's ok because you can be the first to own it. With the free W-fi that the DS has to offer, you can not only trade pokemon with anyone in the world, but you can play mini-games with them. And well love the mini-games, now, don't we?

The language barrier may be a hindrance here in that some of the new features may require you to do something that's not immediately obvious (unlike other Pokemon games which you can trial-and-error your way through). Otherwise, you may want to wait for the spring 2007 US release.

And (as a side-note) don't forget to take your GameBoy Advance Pokemon games to Toys R Us this Saturday September 30th for the MEW giveaway from noon to 3:00pm.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood
Import-Friendly Level: High

This fighting game based on the first story line of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series is a fighting game. As such, there should be little difficulty going through the menus and skipping storyline. However, the fighting in this game should be great fun for everyone as the camera scans and zooms around the players as they use their unique skills and powers to defeat the opponent. Since the game is so new, new players will be on fairly the same level as experiences fighting game aficionados.

Jump Ultimate Stars
Import-Friendly Level: High

Another fun fighting game with a groovy twist for those who are enthusiastic about Japanese comics. Jump Ultimate Stars is the sequel for last year's Jump Super Stars release that featured 150 characters from over 27 different manga from (you guessed it) Shonen Jump Comics. This game looks to be the same fighting style, the same sort of play with 300 characters, from over 40 comic titles, and more fun combinations. With similar battle play to the Super Smash Bros. titles, this is a good title for both those who are great at fighting games, and those that are just starting. Little to no Japanese knowledge will be needed and GameFAQs help will be out almost the same day as the initial release.