Monday, March 27, 2006

I love my Nintendo DS...

Another Japanese game that I pray makes it to the US:

Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwachou DS: DS Series 4 America

Ever wanted to travel to a foreign land but eventually steered away because of the language barrier? At the end of the month, Japanese citizens finally get a friendly and interactive way to "converse" in five different languages by way of five customized pieces of software which allow for point and tap conversation translation services.

For example, you're in South Korea and have just sat down inside a restaurant. You look at the menu but can't figure out what is what. You've heard of bulgogi (barbecued beef strips) but you're vegetarian. Instead of starving, flip open the NDS, boot the Korean phrasebook and direct the waiter's attention to your Nintendo DS. Click on the phrase which reads, "I am vegetarian" and wait as a voice emanates from the Nintendo DS which says "ch’aeshik juwi imnida" in perfect Korean. The waiter nods knowingly, disappears for a few minutes, and returns with a Todok salad followed by a heaping bowl of Bibimguksu noodles. After slurping, tap the "Thank you" phrase and listen as the NDS says "kamsa hamnida" to the waiter.

The five versions of Conversation Phrasebook DS support travel to the following lands: United States (titled: America), South Korea, Thailand, China, and Germany.