Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good gravy

This blog is starting to turn into a gaming blog... but that's just because of the times. It will soon turn into a Japan-trip blog as I get ready to go to Japan with my wife Jennifer.

Linking to last night's posting, I found a guy in Canada (NES Reproductions) that will put a legal NES rom onto a cartridge for you. You choose the game and buy a 'donor cart' and send it to him. He then puts the game onto the chip of the donor and puts on a NEW label and sends it back to you. All-in-all it costs $25 plus the cost of the donor cart. Pretty sweet deal considering there are roms of games that were never released in America, home-translated games never released in North America, and homebrew games! These are all legal!

I'm ordering Earthbound Zero (the original Mother for the NES that was never released) this Friday. If all goes smoothly, i'll be getting some more with future paycheques.

Here's a site
that had 'virtual' students and they made some games. Interesting...