Thursday, February 23, 2006

I got in.

Dear noriaki_kakyouin,

Congrats, you've been approved for combat. Be sure to read up on the rules as
e tend to update them from time to time. You will have the opportunity to update or change your fighter's poses, headshot and bio at any time through the manager. You now have 3 months to enter into a fight, if you have not entered a battle at that time, your fighter will be retired. To view battles that are currently under way in VOID City use this link:

This is what the Approval Commitee had to say about your character:
Hiemie » You know what. This is good enough. It's cleaned up, and new outfit, the story was fine. Good to go I say.


Toast » I still wish there was more to the backgrounds, but there's one thing that bugs me... in the last panel of the first page, we're looking into the corner of the room, but there's no vertical line where the two walls come together.

anyway, just wanted to get you approved before heading off to Florida. Have fun