Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why I am excited about the NINTENDO REVOLUTION

I am a Nintendo slave. Yes, I love the company. Company loyalty, if you want to call it that... even though I never really worked for them. I am one of those who say "BAH!" to the X-Cube 360... I say "Pffft!" to the PS3... I say "Nay!" to the PSP... no, I have tiny Mario and Luigis (well, and Warios too) in my blood... (no really! It freaked out several nurses at Memorial Hospital one time while giving blood!).

So, why am I excited about the new console known as The Revolution?
6) The controller is, as the kids say, SICK!
5) No. Really. It's too groovy for it's own good!
4) It'll be cheaper than the X-Box 360 core system... IN YOUR FACE, GATES! EAT IT!
3) You can download games from previous Nintendo consoles!
Nintendo announced at E3 2005 that Revolution would be able to go online wirelessly and download classic Nintendo games. Nintendo has not yet announced what titles will be available for download. However, it has confirmed that Revolution owners could theoretically download every NES, Super-NES and Nintendo 64 game ever made. The publisher is reportedly already working with third party publisher to ensure that popular third party games are also available to download.

At E3 2005, Shigeru Miyamoto said: "We have not set a price or determined a list of software for the Nintendo Revolution download service. But, we're looking at this as a consumer service and not so much from the business end. What we want to do is provide the product that is going to make the Revolution the console that people want in their homes. So it actually might be driven from the consumer end rather than from us. You know, the games that they most want might be the ones that we do. From a technological point, we can do any of them. It's just, we haven't determined which ones we'll do yet."
2) Everyone can play it... even the handicapped.
1) America, NOT Japan, will get it FIRST!!!