Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Who stole the soul?

The question for today: Who stole the soul?
Who turned this special delivery into a box of assorted chocolates?
Sometimes I wish Al was still Green.
Oh, I sound like my momma:
"Boy, put that Teddy Pendergrass on and take off that noise you list'nin to."
And me and Chuck Steel wanna know,
Who took the sunshine and turned it into microwavable popcorn for profit?
And I am by no means anti pop music....
But what blares through my box is hollow.
Do you actually think Marvin would be gay if he heard what I hear through the grapevine?
Empty minded music.
In fact it's so empty that if you glared into an R&B ear,
The only benefit would be the wall on the other side.

The actors sing.
The singers act.
Please choose a career and stick to it, polishing it before moving on.
Sam & Dave would roll over tenfold in their graves
If they knew that their sweet soul music evolved into sour sexual practices.
Young men rushing to prison to prove their manhood lacking father figures.
And this is surely not the same do-wop that Sam Cook and Aretha Franklin mixed with gospel.
Who stole the soul?


Groovefella B. Cunha said...

I have been searching for these lyrics for a long time, because they're in a House music tune I used to play. Today I was hearing it and googled it. Ended up here :) Thanks a lot!

Rod Baksteen - Stolen Soul