Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Treasure's Hunt

Well, i've been working on an 'armchair treasure hunt' book as of late entitled: A Treasure's Trove. An armchair treasuere hunt is a kind of hunt that you do not need to get out of your house to solve (perhaps to claim the prize, but not to solve it). They're a lot of fun and I have participated in a few.

The very first of these hunts was a book entitled MASQUERADE. It was published and illustrated in 1979 by a Mr. Kit Williams and was unearthed in 1982. Some great information on that particular hunt is here and here (the last one is the most comprehensive).

This one is interesting because there are 13 prizes to win if you know where to look. There are exact locales in the book its self, but they are hidden and encoded. Everytime I look at the book I find new things and I think i'm on the right track. Hey... even the lowest of the gems is worth a cool $8,000!

This hunt will end either when all 13 tokens to the gems (the gems are touring the US currently) are found or when the deadline is met (Dec. 31st 2007). The book is $20, but it's needed to win... and I wanna win one ! The illustrations are passable and the story is trite, but it's not that bad. Considering all the hidden things to discover I think the did a pretty fair job. It's supposed to be easy enough for kids to enjoy aiding adults with the hunt. I personally hope some kids do find the treasure.

I have other links on armchair treasure hunts in the sidebar.

On another note I got plenty of good sleep last night, my work is taking us out to lunch to 'the Elephant Bar' this afternoon, and I have the evening off of Go/rpgs/etc... so I can just relax tonight. Ahhh...