Monday, October 15, 2007

Bummers and Upliftings

I'm taking this week off from work as I use up the last part of my vacation (since Jen and I didn't take a vacation this year).

I'm getting a bit fever-y lately in the evening and my nose is still producing green stuff even after taking the antibiotics.

Sucks big time.

If it continues tomorrow then I'm gonna try to see the doctor because it's getting pretty bad.

Also, there was a problem with the recording of the TMBG concert and so they aren't offering it up for download. That's a big friggin' bummer.

On the lighter side, I found another great song that I have been listening to a lot: 'Challengers' by 'The New Pornographers'. Great song, give it a listen (hint hint hint). Also, 'Catch The Wind' by Bob Dylan has been a frequent listen today. Gawd, I love that song!

I also shopped victoriously. Great deal on a great item. I have no idea why I wasn't sniped... but I'm glad I wasn't. For a working Twin Famicom would be $130+ easy... and a working Metroid disk (with box, stickers, and insert) would be $30-40 as well. The rest is just whipped cream on the sundae.