Sunday, June 03, 2007

Perplex City... HUH???

Well, it seems that the game that I have been SO gung-ho about lately has had some troubles. They let several of the storyline writers 'go'. I have heard that this was for the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) and not for the card game.

I got into this game at the beginning of April, and was so excited about the Season 2 cards that I bought all of the red-purple Season 1 cards as well. I love puzzles and had subscribed to Games Magazine from 1981-1991. So I love Perplex City, but perhaps for a different reason than the British players in that I love the cards.

Being in the States I have a very small chance of winning any treasure hunt happening in Great Britain. So in all honesty, the ARG was not that important. In fact, it was really just a fun thing to watch... but the cards have always been the first factor for me.

I love having a story, I find the mini things on the backs of the cards of season 2 EXTREMELY fascinating and have come to care for the characters of Sente, Viloet and Caine (my favorite)... but the ARG means nothing to me or the friends and family that I have gotten into the cards.

I will buy the next waves as soon as I can to support the company and I will probably buy the kids puzzle-toys (which they are announcing) when they get made for my cousins Michaela, Jeremy, and Miranda... and for me. Because I love puzzles.

I hope the storyline does come back but if the Season 2 hunt/ARG is lost forever, then I will still support the company. They make good puzzles and that's good enough for me.

As for the last stories of Violet, Kurt, and Scarlet... they were sad indeed. Kurt's was truly touching (and many people have speculated that the Nicholas he talks about was Nicholas Hawksmoor.

For those of you in England who enjoyed the ARG, I really hope that you find other games. I really feel bad that the carpet has just been pulled from under you like it was.

But for those of you like me who like the puzzle cards just for being puzzles, then all I can say is: "See you for some trades in wave 2!"