Friday, June 30, 2006


I was watching VH1 recently and saw a new show called "SUPER GROUP" where they did the 'fantasy rock group' and made it 'real': "Motor City Madman Ted Nugent, Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, Anthrax's Scott Ian, drummer (Led Zeppelin heir) Jason Bonham and Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld."

SO! What's your own 'Super Group'? The rules are that they must be alive and still able to play, they must have similar tastes in music (no Beethoven with Eddie Van Halen), no foreign artists (this includes GACKT, Grace (laughs) ), and no two people from the same group (however they could have played in the same group for a short time).

AND don't just put them in your list JUST because you like them... people may ask for you to defend your choices (for example, I wasn't going to put in John Linnell from TMBG. I like them, but he doesn't fit in the band 'scheme').